Healthy in the Heat: 4 Ways to Help Your Office Staff During Sweltering Summer Months

Most people tend to look forward to the summer, when the sun shines high in the sky and fun social events like barbeques and parties emerge in force. But during the week days when you're in an office environment, the sweltering heat of the summer months can make work feel like a real chore. Aside from bringing employee productivity down, sweltering heat also has the potential to create a whole host of health issues, which may spread around the office and force employees into taking time off.

By taking certain measures and investing in a couple of handy little appliances, you can actually take charge of your office during the hotter months, and ensure that both you and your employees stay healthy and happy so that productivity remains on the up even in the most challenging climates.

Listed here are four additions you can make to your office that can really make a difference during summer:

Ice Machine

Having an ice machine located in your office kitchen is a shrewd piece of business for an office owner, with these appliances having multiple advantages for the work environment when it comes to the sticky summer months. Not only does a healthy supply of ice allow office workers the opportunity to keep cool at all times, it also acts as a great way to help prevent the spread of bacteria that so often occurs when employees use ice trays.

What's more, ice machines are a terrific go-to point if anyone ever overheats or has an accident, providing a source of immediate treatment in terms of first aid. Learn more about your options by consulting suppliers like Ice Machines Australia.

Juicer/Blender/Smoothie Maker

Investing in a juicer/blender/smoothie maker is a great way to keep staff happy during the summer, allowing them to make their very own smoothies during their break and sip it up whilst they're at their desks. Not only do smoothies help to keep staff cool, they also encourage them to eat more healthily by bringing fruit to work to make their very own drink later in the day.

Lay out a few bowls of fruit and veg yourself to give the office a bright, brain-stimulating appearance, and allow staff members to pick from these healthy bowls on their breaks. Putting out fruit and veg as office snacks instead of biscuits and chocolate bars gives your staff their "five a day" to keep them healthy, and also actively reduces the litter and crumbs that so often occur when employees eat snacks in wrappers.


Investing in a diverse range of plants and strategically placing them around the office can work wonders in the summer. Not only do plants supply the office with some much needed shade and shelter from the piercing sun that can make employees drowsy and unproductive, they can also contribute to clean, healthy airflow that helps to prevent pollution and disease from spreading among staff.  

Placing plants in particular locations around the office can really assist employees in terms of keeping cool, but they can also help to purify the air by absorbing volatile organic compounds that linger amid indoor circulation. Lush, fertile shrubbery has been scientifically proven to enhance productivity too, as their bright green color reacts with human brains in a positive psychological way. The smell of certain plants may also increase staff production levels, with the aroma of peppermint having been proven to increase alertness and memory.

Fans for Every Desk

Providing every single desk in your office with a couple of hand fans each can also be a great way to help keep employees cool, healthy and productive. Not only does this encourage your staff to stay chilled in an environmentally-friendly way, it's also extremely cheap to maintain.

Hand fans are a nice little addition to the office environment too, and should help to boost morale among employees as they feel respected by the fact that you're aware of their health and are making a conscious effort to take care of them.