Factors to consider when buying 10W LED lights

Light is an essential part of human life. We need it to see at night, under the bed or even the road when driving. Light technology has improved consistently over the years from candlelight to rechargeable LED lights. These LED lights have proved to be of major use in our daily activities, and if you ever consider buying one, you can choose the best 10W LED light by considering some of the following factors. These tips will assist you in narrowing down your options from the many available.

Source of charge

Most of the 10W LED work lights contain lithium batteries rechargeable by standard electrical power sources. However, it is not every day that you will have access to electricity. In such a case, alternative charging methods will be needed. Therefore, find an LED light which can be mechanically charged by the hands. Moreover, you may want to look for a light that can be recharged by your car battery in case you ever get stranded.

Quality of light

Although the 10W LED lights may dissipate more light than an ultra- compact device, the quality of light may sometimes differ. When choosing the lights, go for the one with lowest colour temperature, usually 6000K. LED lights with low colour temperatures ease the intensity of the light on the eyes, enabling you to operate more easily. Some lights may differ in colour. The best to go for is 10W cool white LED lights. This is because cool white LED lights dissipate less heat, and are also easier on the eyes during operation.


The 10W LED light you choose should be able to adapt to your needs as much as possible. Although most of them are portable, the degree of portability differs in some. The LED light should be able to provide light concentration from all angles. For indoor activities, you may opt for a light with a magnetic base that can stick to walls and ceilings. The light would be able to serve as a normal ceiling bulb, a reading light, and even security light on your wall outside. For outdoorsy activities, an LED with a large handle for fitting into branches would be best.

Contaminant resistance

A good LED light should prevent ingress of dust and water from its interior. If you plan on using the light for dirty jobs, find an LED with a sealable charging port and power switch membrane. For underwater purposes, find a completely sealed 10W LED light with well insulated cables.

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