3 Top Trends to Watch Out for in Wall-Hung Bathroom Vanities

If you are looking to add a touch of class to your bathroom, then you cannot go wrong with floating bathroom vanities. Not only do the accessories add storage space in the bathroom regardless of size, but the add-ons are also functional in their own right. Additionally, wall-hung bathroom vanities can be used as a focal point to help shape a bathroom's overall theme. However, as with any other interior design, you should look out for the latest trends.  

1. Incorporated Vessel Sinks -- Vessel sinks are increasingly becoming popular with wall-hung bathroom vanities. The best part is that the sinks come as built-in or supplied as a component of the vanity. When incorporated into the floating bathroom vanity, vessel sinks give a bathroom feature an eye-catching appearance and practicality. Moreover, since you do not have to install a pedestal sink, wall-hung vanities with sinks help to maximise space in the bathroom. You can opt for a vessel sink that matches your style, whether contemporary or traditional. For instance, a stone bowl works well with rustic, wall-hung bathroom vanities.

2. Open Shelving -- Traditional, wall-hung bathroom vanities have always featured closed shelves. Notably, retrieval of bathroom supplies such as soaps requires one to open the shelves. Although closed shelving reduces the sight of clutter in the bathroom, the hassle of continually opening and closing can lead to premature wearing of the hinges. It might explain why open shelving on bathroom vanities is increasingly becoming popular since the design allows homeowners to show off any elegant pieces on the vanity. For example, if you want to show off a chic flower vase that you recently bought without clutter, then a wall-hung vanity with open shelving does the trick. You save on space and get an opportunity to display the vase in unobstructed view.

3. Push to Open Drawer -- As mentioned previously, wall-hung bathroom vanities can be a great focal point for the bathroom space. However, there must be minimal distraction points on the vanity if you want to make the vanity your centrepiece. One way you can achieve this is to buy a bathroom vanity that has 'push to open' drawers rather than drawers with pull handles. The reason is that pull handles fill-up the vanity's surface while a push to open mechanism helps you to achieve a minimalistic design. Additionally, since the push-to-open mechanism negates the need for hinges on a vanity, it eliminates the need to maintain, replace or repair worn out hinges.

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