Factors to consider when buying 10W LED lights

Light is an essential part of human life. We need it to see at night, under the bed or even the road when driving. Light technology has improved consistently over the years from candlelight to rechargeable LED lights. These LED lights have proved to be of major use in our daily activities, and if you ever consider buying one, you can choose the best 10W LED light by considering some of the following factors.

Healthy in the Heat: 4 Ways to Help Your Office Staff During Sweltering Summer Months

Most people tend to look forward to the summer, when the sun shines high in the sky and fun social events like barbeques and parties emerge in force. But during the week days when you're in an office environment, the sweltering heat of the summer months can make work feel like a real chore. Aside from bringing employee productivity down, sweltering heat also has the potential to create a whole host of health issues, which may spread around the office and force employees into taking time off.